Maria Fernanda Padilla

– What is your opinion of betting online and table games?
They are fun, it is a good option of entertainment but without getting addicted!
– When was the last time you bet?
In the Champions League final hahaha
– Are you the type of person who bets ‘double or nothing’, or do you prefer to bet safe?
It depends! But in most cases I prefer to bet safely.
– Do you think you could become addicted to the game?
No, everything has its limits!
– Do you like to bet more in on table games or sports?
I prefer sports, where winning depends on skills and not on chance.
– Would you let yourself lose? why?
No, I’m the one who loves to win lol I enjoy it but I’m not a bad loser either.
-Have you ever wagered on clothes? Would you do it again?
Of course, I’ve bet on clothes a lot of times with my boyfriend. Hahahaha
– Have you ever felt guilty after gambling?
Not at all!
– What would you do if you won the jackpot?
First of all, celebrate!!! Then I would invest the money to multiply it and thus be able to carry out many of the projects that I have both work and help people.

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