Jhoselyn Pirela

– When you enter a casino which is the game that most attracts your attention?
The roulette! I find it very entertaining, although the truth is i have never played! Im wait for the moment to do so! Hehe

– What do you think about people who bet?
As long as they dont do it because of addiction or harm anyone I have nothing against it!

– What do you like least about betting?
When I lose! LOL!

– Have you ever bet on the internet?
No, but I would like to try this new betting method from the comfort of my home.

– What is the highest amount you have wagered?
4 years ago in a casino, credit 5000bs on a machine. And of course I lost 🙁

– If I beat you at Poker would you go out with me?
Yes!! I like champions!

– Which is your favorite sport? Have you ever bet on your favorite team?
I really like swimming, but I have not really bet on any team or person.

– What is the most valuable thing you’ve lost in a bet?
So far nothing, thank God.

– If you had the opportunity to choose, What would be the best prize you could win?
A trip around Europe with all expenses paid haha! It’s my biggest dream !

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