Country Laws

Country Specific Gambling Laws

Online betting is the process of placing real money wagers on sports, casino games, poker or other games of skill or chance through the internet or mobile/tablet. Each country and state within that country or territory may have specific laws pertaining to online betting. Please use this guide for the laws to the most prominent countries where gambling thrives with or without laws.

North America

Land-based sports betting, poker rooms, and commercial/Indian casinos are legal in some, or several, states.
Online poker is legal in three states, casinos in two states, while sports wagers is illegal on the federal and state level.


Poker rooms, casinos, and placing parlay sports bets only are legal at designated land-based locations. Playing poker over the Internet is illegal, as well as placing sports and casino bets. However, many people in Canada play at legal offshore websites.


Middle East / West Asia

One of the most strict countries when it comes to gambling, both online and offline.
All forms of gambling are deemed illegal, with exception to land-based sports betting, which includes online and land-based casinos and poker as well as internet sports bets.


Wagering on horse races is the only legal form of gambling allowed. Betting on casino games, sporting events, or poker is illegal although many Pakistanians bet over the Internet at legal sites based in other countries.


Despite over 1.3billion people, the largest growing middle class in the world and increased awareness of sportsbetting it is Federally illegal to bet in India – but like the U.S. a large portion still participate. Outdated (100+ year law) about gaming allows many Indians to overlook the law, but banking deposits and withdraws are what hold back this betting industry.


Wagering on horse racing is allowed while all other forms of gambling are illegal, both online and offline.







All gambling activities are outlawed by the Lebanon government, with authority to block sites from Internet Service Providers.







All forms of gambling, both online and offline, are illegal in Brunei and they are in the process of increasing the penalties for violating this law.







Currently, all forms of gambling are illegal but this may change in the near future. There are politicians running for office that want to legalize gambling in their country.





The current gambling laws make it illegal to bet on casino games, poker, and sporting events. Although the country tries to block offshore online bookies, many Qatari people are successful in using this method to place bets on their favorite games.



Land-based poker rooms are illegal, casinos are now legal, while some forms of sports betting is legal. Gambling on sports over the Internet is legal under certain guidelines. Playing poker or casino games for real money is illegal.


Poker and casino games are legal in only one land-based designated location. Sports wagering is also legal. Internet sports bets can be accepted, while poker and casinos cannot be.


One of the more lenient countries when it comes to gambling laws, both offline and online. Land-based sports betting, poker rooms, and casinos are legal.
Internet poker, casinos, and sports gambling is also legal.

Land-based sports betting is legal, while poker and casinos are illegal. Poker and casino gambling over the world-wide-web is illegal, with sports wagering being legal.


Bets on sports, casino games, and poker at land-based locations is deemed illegal.
Playing online poker, casino games, and placing sports wagers for real money is also illegal.


Placing bets at land-based bookmakers and poker rooms is not legal, while casinos games are legal but there is only one casino.
Wagering on internet poker, at bookmakers, or at casinos for real money are not allowed although many players in Malaysia play at legal sites in offshore countries.

Land-based casinos are legal to play at for not non-Vietnamese players only. Betting on sports or poker is illegal.
Online poker, casinos, and bookmakers are illegal to bet at.


Casino and poker gambling is illegal at land-based locations, while wagering on sports is legal but only on football (soccer) matches. The only sport a player can bet on over the internet legally is football and it must be placed on their one government regulated website. Poker and casino betting is not allowed over the net.


Sports wagering is legal at land-based locations as well as similar forms of casino games. Poker is not legal. Real money poker, casino, and sports gambling over the internet is illegal although many Chinese players play at websites based in nearby countries.

Citizens of Singapore can no longer legally gamble on casino games, poker, or sporting events online due to the 2014 Remote Gambling Act.


Europe and AU+

Gambling on sports, poker, and casino games are legal at allocated land-based locations. Betting on sports, casino games and poker over the world-wide-web is also legal.


Poker rooms, casinos, and bookmakers at established land-based companies are legal. Online sports bets are legal as well as playing poker and casinos games.


Land-based bookmakers, poker rooms, and casinos are legal to play at. Playing internet poker, casino games or wagering on sports is legal at overseas websites.

Casinos, poker rooms, and bookmakers at land-based locations are legal to play at. Gambling on poker, casino games, and sports over the internet is also legal.